Red Door Escape Room

Coming Summer 2017

Our newest location is conveniently located in the Yeager Office Suites of Plano on the corner of Rasor Boulevard and Ohio Drive. We are right off the Sam Rayburn Tollway/Dallas North Tollway split, putting you within minutes of the Stonebriar Center and the Shoppes of Legacy. We are proud to announce that we are bringing 3 BRAND NEW episodes to Plano. Themes will include The Warrior's Way, Lost Ruins, Encounter, and The Gift, which is our most recent addition prior to Plano.

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8103 Rasor Blvd Suite #100
Plano TX, 75024



You jolt awake on board an alien space craft. You will have one hour to find a way off the ship or be left at the mercy of whatever strange creatures have abducted you.

The Gift

Your good friend Adam has found and purchased the perfect gift for his fiancé.  Unfortunately, the item is still sitting in his uncle's antiques store, and no one is available to unlock the door after closing. Help him figure out how to get in, retrieve the gift, and get out in time for his celebration with his beloved.

Lost Ruins

Your team of archaeologists have been requested to help guide a colleague through a recently discovered ancient temple. However, something doesn’t seem quite right about these lost ruins. Locate your colleague before his curiosity gets the best of him!

Warrior's Way

You have finally found the legendary dojo of “The Master”. To be chosen as one of his pupils, you must demonstrate your worth. Complete his tasks and prove yourself deserving of his teachings!