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Our mission is to deepen relationships
between people through creative entertainment.

Underlying our mission is our care for people and our care for quality. We care first about our team and our customers, not our pocketbooks (click here to view values) and we care about quality – quality experience made up of quality episodes and quality interaction. If we share these same values, it could make sense to partner. Look below for the different ways that we can work together.


Oh yes- we are hiring at our locations! If you haven’t checked out our values page, that’s a good place to start and learn about us. To apply for a specific location, please review our open positions below or email the location of your interest with your resume! We look forward to hearing from you! (See our HR Insurance Benefits Provider)


We are excited to explore any partnership opportunity that comes our way.  We are happy to partner with appropriate businesses for referral opportunities, cross marketing, in location representation, quarterly team building events, rollout events, regular holiday or milestone parties and so much more!  For example: Have you ever wondered how to decide who is the best candidate to add to a close knit team?  We have created partnerships with recruiting companies and HR departments in the past to bring final interviews into our escape rooms to see who may be the best fit with your existing team members.  It’s a great way to show potential candidates that you invest in team building and fun while ensuring the final team chemistry.  Just sit back in our control room with one of our fantastic gamemasters and watch the interaction!

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of a partnership with us please contact our sales department at [email protected]


If you are looking to invest in escape rooms, we are open to partnerships but we would like to be upfront- we are not a franchise, we are a centrally run corporation. However, we are open to taking on financial partners to help us grow to new cities and we are able to offer equity in individual locations. Based on a variety of data points, we believe that group, experiential entertainment is going to grow in popularity over the next decade, and escape rooms will be at the forefront of that growth. We are a business focused on sustainable long-term growth and are well-positioned to learn and adapt along with the entertainment industry. We are able to offer strong returns -under 2 years- in the form of monthly income. If you are interested in becoming an investing partner, we would be happy to talk in more detail. Please email [email protected]

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