5 Reasons Escape Rooms Are Great For Date Night


February 2024

Need some ideas for date night? We’ve got you! Dinner and a movie are SO 2023. Shake things up with some mind-bending puzzles and fully-immersive (and fully romantic!) thrills instead! Need some convincing? Check out our top 5 reasons why an escape room is the perfect choice!


1: Relationships are all about bonding.

What better way to get closer to your date than to spend an hour breaking yourselves out of prison or saving a magical kingdom? No matter your age or idea of romance, we’ve got an experience that will bring you closer together than ever (and we’re not just talking about the handcuffs from Prison Break). 


2: Did you say double date?

We can’t think of a more fun way to spice up your love AND social lives than joining forces with another couple and discovering your unique skills and strengths together. You know what they say: the more the merrier, in relationships and puzzling alike! 


3: First dates can be nerve-wracking.

It’s true… The butterflies before a first date can be tough. The good news – focusing on working together to conquer a challenge is an awesome way to put you both at ease! Skip the coffee and dive into a thrilling, private escape room experience that is sure to pull you closer and make it a memorable date night. 


4: Our escape rooms are the epitome of the perfect staycation!

When you feel the need to unplug but want to stay in town, we can create an epic package for you! You’ll have fun, get closer, and you can bring the kids! We’ve got something for everyone!


5: Can we “propose” an idea?

Say “YES!” to the perfect way to end your successful escape! An escape room proposal is one of the coolest ways to take your relationship to the next level. Plus, we can help you set the scene for a proposal to remember! So solve that final puzzle, get down on one knee, and make a memory you’ll never forget.  

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