5 Reasons To Book An Escape Room For Your Next Team Outing


March 2024

Quick: you’ve been tasked with arranging your company’s team building event! If your team is looking for a new way to connect and build relationships, they’ll have a blast cracking codes and solving puzzles in a race against the clock! Here are 5 great reasons an escape room would be perfect for your next team outing! 


1: Camaraderie is important for any team. Working together to solve puzzles and clues is perfect for building relationships. Being in an environment where you’re celebrating each others’ successes and finding creative solutions to any challenge can help set the tone for any projects that lie ahead.  


2: Do you have new team members? An escape room is the ultimate ice breaker!  Get to know each other while escaping a high-security prison, wandering through a very curious fair, or finding your way through a fairytale adventure! No matter what you choose, you’re sure to have fun and build bonds! 


3: What better way to learn your team’s greatest strengths than to collaborate and find creative solutions together? After all, without our mind-bending riddles and the clock ticking away, you might never find out who is amazing at thinking outside the box or who has a knack for problem solving!


4: Escape rooms, like teamwork, are ALL about communication. Listening to each other, pooling your resources, and working together are key to your escape. One of the best things about our immersive adventures is that they help everyone have enough fun and to live in the moment. You’ll be talking about everyone’s greatest moments around the water cooler for weeks to come! 


5: Building trust among team members can be a challenge. Escape rooms inspire creative problem solving, encouraging teammates to look to each other for support. When your team trusts each other, their sense of belonging and overall team morale are sure to increase!


Whether you’re planning for your company or an athletic team; Red Door Escape Room offers many enjoyable experiences that will help your team connect. Solving puzzles and escaping from an escape room is always awesome. But having fun with co-workers while building meaningful relationships? Priceless! 

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