5 Reasons to Gift an Escape Room this Christmas


November 2022

We get it: Holiday shopping can be hard! If finding the right present for that special someone in your life seems more daunting than sliding down every single chimney in one night, Red Door Escape has your holiday solution: give the gift of a fully-immersive escape experience they’ll treasure forever! Need more convincing? Step away from the eggnog and let us tell you why:


1: You’ll be helping to start a cherished new holiday tradition

What pairs perfectly with holiday decorating, ice skating, and caroling? Laughing and talking about this year’s exciting “escape” around the fire! You’ll be giving your friends and family something they’ll want to make their new favorite holiday activity for years to come. 


2: It’s fun for literally everyone 

Need a gift for your parents? Your best friend’s children? That coworker you drew for the office Secret Santa but have never actually had a conversation with? We’ve got you covered! Our experiences range from mind-bending, creepy, and thrilling to kid-friendly and family-friendly: we have something anyone and everyone will love!


3: You’ll stay cozy and warm

Sure, sledding looks fun, until you’re trying to climb back up that hill for the tenth time, and going on a snowy holiday hike sounds great until you’re so cold you want to move to the Bahamas. Why not keep your loved ones warm and dry and out of the weather this season, where they can have all the excitement and none of the chill? 


4: You’re giving an experience, not an item 

We’ve all been there: you give someone a present and you just know it’s being regifted OR recycled as soon as possible. With our escapes, you’re giving your giftee a unique experience they’ll cherish and remember forever– no bells, whistles, or wrapping paper required! 


5: Did someone say “Gift Cards?”

This holiday season, you can give the gift of excitement and adventure for less with 20% off gift card purchases. So, you and your loved ones can make a daring escape (or two!) in half the time it takes to cook the Christmas turkey! More fun for less money? It’s a Christmas miracle, Charlie Brown!

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