February 2022

At Red Door, we take team-building seriously, so get ready to be blown away with these four outside of the box team building activities!

Employers who regularly participate in team-building activities have reported higher productivity, lower turnover rates, and better collaboration. Team building is only effective if your teams enjoy it, learn something from it, are inspired by it, and make real connections with each other. Therefore, we have gathered these four unique team building activities:

Scavenger Hunt- Escape Room - Red Door

Inspire creativity with a Scavenger hunt! 

This can be as simple or as intricate as you desire and can be confined within your business/office space. This team-building website can assist you in setting up an effective scavenger hunt with seven simple tips. The goal is to create a fun atmosphere where your teams can work together and think outside of the box to complete the hunt. 

Go Karts- Escape Room - Red Door

Create a fun competition with go-kart racing.

If you know any peace officers and have asked them what one of the most enjoyable parts of their jobs is, you will probably find out it’s the speeding factor. To get people to open up, try one of these ice-breakers before creating a friendly competition between teams with a fast-paced go-kart race! You can organize groups, compete on a point system, and offer a small prize for the winner.

Rafting - Escape Room - Red Door

Promote teamwork with white water rafting.

We did say outside of the box! You can promote teamwork within your organization by planning a white water rafting trip. Can you think of a more intense environment where a team has to work together to accomplish a goal? Depending on how involved and intense you would like the event to be, you could pair it with a light camping trip. Get your team out of the office and into nature with campfires and a little fresh air.  

Wild West - Escape Room - Red Door

Fun team-building exercise at an escape room

Have them step into a magical kingdom or break out of prison, there are many themes to choose from, but all will help improve communication and collaboration! Your team will be challenged by using their creativity and problem-solving skills to solve puzzles and clues to escape a series of rooms. Want to create a friendly competition between groups, or a “who can escape the fastest” escape game? We have head-to-head escape rooms to help with that! 

Now you have some interesting ideas on how to invest in your company’s culture through team building activities. It’s up to you to take the leap for the good of your team and get planning! Here at Red Door, leave the planning to us and bring your team in for real fun and real connection. During their private experience at Red Door Escape Room, your team will get to know each other better, deepen their connections, and learn how to communicate effectively through fun and challenging escape rooms!

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