What is the 4th of July?


February 2022

We’re not pretending to be historians, but we do know a thing or two about the Fourth of July. Many people think of it as the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but most overlook the fact that July 4th, 1776 really marked the start, not the end of the revolutionary war. The war didn’t end until almost 8 years later. For our founding fathers, the 4th of July marked a day of celebration, but it was also a bold statement and a major risk. As a small collection of colonies, they didn’t know if they would win the war against England, but their desire for freedom and justice and their faith in their allies compelled them to ink their signatures on that hot Summer day.

Fast forward 240 years and we still find ourselves re-committing to freedom and justice on a daily basis, taking leaps of faith without knowing the outcome. These instances may be smaller in scale when compared to our founding fathers, but when stitched together they make up the grand fabric of a society in which we are proud to live. 

On this historic day, we honor our family, friends and coworkers who have served or are serving this country. These men and women risk their well-being for the good of the community and they work hard to model a society that is selfless and strong. With as many veterans as we have connected to Red Door, we show our honor by giving 20% off for members of our armed forces and their families to have fun on this fourth of July. We not only offer this discount during the fourth, but all year long because they serve us all year long. To the men and women serving this country and protecting our communities, thank you for your service. We hope you enjoy this time of celebration.

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