Date Ideas to Make it Memorable


February 2022

Two people walk into a restaurant… No this isn’t a joke, this is a generic date. Who wants generic? Instead of the same old dinner and a movie, let’s make things interesting and hopefully create sparks along the way.


FOR THE FOODIES: Food Trucks, Street Fair, Night Market, Picnic

If you or your date love food, these are some great ideas to satisfy your cravings and to fuel your relationship. Street fairs and night markets are where a bunch of food vendors come together and temp you with dozens of delicious smells. They often host games and live entertainment too! Check these ones out: Commerce St. Night Market in Dallas, TX and 626 Night Market in Arcadia, CA. But since fairs and night markets are typically seasonal events, you can also search for local food truck gatherings or go the DIY route and impress your date with a personalized picnic!

FOR THE ADVENTURERS: Amusement Park, Trail Hike

If you love a thrill, you can’t go wrong with an amusement park! If you can’t find one that’s close enough, you can try searching for a local carnival. For the fearless nature explorer, take them to a hiking trail. A beautiful sunset and picturesque setting are sure to set a romantic mood.

FOR THE CREATIVES: Art Class, Cooking Class, Baking Class

Maybe you or your date aren’t exactly extroverted, but you still want to do something special. Painting, pottery, cooking, or baking classes are a great way to keep close to your date and get the creative gears in your mind turning.

FOR THE PLAYFUL: Karaoke, Dance Class, Comedy Show

If you two are extroverted and love to laugh (with each other or at each other), these ideas will be perfect! Whether you’re a singer or not (and trust me, more than half of the people that go up for karaoke are not singers), karaoke is a fun way to loosen up and not take yourself too seriously. The same goes for dance class. If you just want to sit back and enjoy laughing with each other, search for a close-by comedy club!

FOR THE PUZZLE-LOVERS: Escape Room, Trivia Night

Save the lovey-dovey stuff for later, let’s get competitive! Escape Rooms are a great way to build the teamwork within a relationship. And since phones aren’t allowed in the rooms, they’re also a great way to keep the outside world outside so you can focus on your date. Escape Rooms are great for so many reasons! But if you want to compete against your date (that’s fun too!), search for a Trivia Night hosted by a local bar or event venue! You can be on the same team or test your wits against each other.

Let’s make boring and generic dates a thing of the past! Show that you care about your partner by personalizing the date according to what they love and what will help you grow as a couple. Happy dating!

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