Escape Room Confinement Storyline


February 2022

If you’ve never done an escape room, you probably aren’t sure what to expect. Usually, people put escape rooms in the same category as haunted houses… as if a haunted house wasn’t scary enough, now you’re locked inside of a room with no way out! In reality, this is just one of the myths behind our escape rooms – stay tuned for a whole list of myths that we’ll debunk. 

Now on the flip side, if you LOVE the thrills and pressure of a haunted house, but also LOVE the challenge of solving puzzles with your team, then Confinement is the episode for you! Out of all of Red Door episodes, Confinement is the closest episode that has a haunted house type feel. But don’t worry, if you’re not this type of thrill-seeker, we have 10+ episodes with varying themes, from breaking out of prison to a fairytale theme. Check them out here.

In this episode, you follow the story of a woman named Scarlett. As soon as you step into the first room, the story immediately begins to unfold of a secret dark past that is holding Scarlett captive. With eerie vibes coming from the antique hutch and wardrobe to the mysterious thumping echoing through the walls, this episode will definitely send a couple of chills down your spine. 

If you’ve played other episodes with us, you might recognize Scarlett as one of the main characters within our stories. Confinement is actually the first episode that kicks off her journey, a journey that weaves its way through The Gift, Taken, Prison Break and Entrapment. Don’t worry, you don’t need to play them in order to enjoy the story, but if you’re interested in putting it all together, Confinement is a great place to start. 

Without giving too many spoilers, this episode isn’t for the faint of heart and someone who can’t take a couple of jump scares. Rest assured, you will not see any live actors throughout your 60 minutes in this episode! (Unless it’s close to Halloween, then you’ll probably see a couple of scary characters walking around 😱) If nothing fazes you and you don’t mind a few goosebumps while solving your way through the episode, then this is the perfect episode for you! 

Check out the locations this episode is available at SouthlakeSacramento, El Paso, and Penn Square.

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