Escape Room Stereotypes: 3 Different Escape Room Players


February 2022

We’re always interested in personality types and how they work together here at Red Door. That’s because whether you’re at work, school, or out for a good time you’re bound to run into different kinds of people. In an escape room, you’ll definitely notice different types of players too. These are three of the most common “stereotypes” you’ll be up against when taking on the escape room challenge:

Trigger Finger

Don’t get me wrong, we love to help people out. That’s why we’ll give you a couple of hints via a handy button if you get stuck. But the “Trigger Finger” takes too much advantage of the assistance and instead of working with their team to figure things out, they rely heavily on the game masters’ hints. Instead of asking for clue after clue, take advantage of all the minds you have working alongside you. Put your brains together and try your best to solve the puzzles using every possible method before clicking that button.

Rule Breaker

There aren’t that many rules when you play an escape room, but the rules we have must be followed. And they’re just simple things like don’t move the furniture and don’t give up! Following the rules isn’t just for your safety, it also ensures that all the players will get to enjoy the episode just as much as you are. So do it for the team!

Control Freak

We all know this person. Everything they say is right and everything they want to do is done. Again, escape rooms seek to foster an environment of teaming! So listen to your teammates when they have an idea, the same way you want them to listen to you. The episode you’re playing might depict a tyrannical character, but there’s no room for dictators on the team. Players play fair and players play together.

Watch these three players in action:

While it’s great to have your own unique personality, don’t fall into these escape room stereotypes. Escape rooms triple dog dare you to unlock your creativity, engage your problem-solving skills, and work together with your team. Challenge accepted.

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