September 2020

As a manager, you constantly face the challenge of overseeing a diverse group of people.  Although challenging, having a team with a range of work styles can be a powerful asset to you and your company. Using each individual’s unique outlook will provide you with many advantages as well as a well-rounded approach to any project. There are typically four types of work styles:

  1. Pioneers, who seek possibilities and spark energy and imagination;
  2. Drivers, who like a challenge and generate momentum;
  3. Guardians, who crave stability and bring order and rigor; and
  4. Integrators, who desire connection and bring teams together.

More often than not we hear that companies struggle with getting the performance they need from their teams. What they don’t realize is that it’s often the leaders who are failing to effectively tap in to various work styles and perspectives. The Harvard Business Review published HBR: The New Science of Team Chemistry, which is a great tool for understanding just how different people’s work methodology can be.

Here at Red Door Escape Room one of our core values is Teamwork over All-Stars and we believe that having a diverse group of people on your team is the key to success. Here are five tips that we have found helpful in building our teams:

Know your own work style: Knowing your own work preferences and then looking at the strengths of your team members is key to building an effective company.

Recognize people’s strengths and leverage them: Make sure that everyone understands the value each team member brings to the table and give people assignments in which they can use their skills most effectively.

Put the right person in the job: When you are hiring, part of the interview process should include determining whether your job candidate has the work style to fit the job. Just because someone has the skills doesn’t mean they’re the right hire. An analytical person may have skills and experience as a salesperson, but it may not be their passion. Finding the right person goes beyond finding someone whose credentials match the job description.

Set a clear vision: How the team arrives at the final goal may look different to each person because of their individual work approach. It’s up to the team leader to focus their strengths, make sure they understand their roles, and give them the support or independence they need to do great things.

It’s not wrong, it’s just different: Some people wonder if it’s good to have a mix of work styles on the same team. Absolutely! If you have different work styles on your team, it means work gets done, it gets done right, and you all might learn from each other in the process.

As you work towards building the perfect team, start with yourself and take the following survey to confirm your work style Find your Work Style. You can then start to evaluate your team and work together towards success!

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