Fort Worth Indoor Summer Activities


February 2022

You spent months waiting in anticipation for Summer to come… but right now you’re probably hearing or at least thinking: What do I want to do now that it’s here? 

Easy question, right? But yet very hard to decide what to do. Just like when you ask your friend where they want to go eat, and they hit you with, “I don’t know, whatever you want.” Thirty minutes later, you’re on Yelp and still haven’t decided. 

To help you out, I created a list of the coolest and most popular places around Fort Worth to give you that summer break you’ve been waiting on. The list could be pages, but I chose activities that were affordable, fun, and great to do as a couple or with family and friends. So the next time you are sitting around your house wondering what you’re going to do today (or if you’re waiting in long lines for a fried snickers) – remember this list

1. Affordable Museums 
For art lovers, first up is the Modern Art Museum! 18 and under visit free and they offer student discounts. On Sundays, they have half-price admissions, and on Fridays, it’s free! Closed Mondays. Next up is Kimbell, where their Kimbell collection admission is always free! They offer half-price admission to special exhibitions on Tuesdays 10am-5pm and Fridays from 5-8pm. Finally, a personal favorite, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, very hands-on and my favorite as a kid… and unashamedly still my favorite as an adult. Did you know that Texas has an official state dino?! Check out Paluxysaurusjonesi in the museum’s Atrium! 

2. Red Door Escape Room
Yes, shameless plug here, but we all know how hot Fort Worth gets in the Summer. With 100 degree days, an air-conditioned escape room is a great way to get your family active without breaking a sweat. My favorite Summer episode is Fair Game, where your team takes on the magic carnival with hopes to save the show before you run out of time! Suitable for ages 12 and up and plenty of Summer promotions on our Facebook page.  

3. Visit Magnolia street
A hugely popular street filled with local shops and restaurants, Magnolia Street, boasts both classic architecture and new modern shops. 
For all beer lovers, there is a very exquisite restaurant-bar called The Bearded Lady, perfect for a day or night drink.  (Very close by you will also find a few local breweries.) If you need a great brunch place to start your day, definitely try out, Brewed. Where the deliciousness hits home, and their decor has you feeling like you’re favorite Pinterest board. Finally, to cool off from the Texas heat, stop by and grab some delicious Ice Cream at Melt!

4. Watch a movie at a Drive-in
Just outside of Downtown Fort Worth, you will find the Coyote Drive-In Theater & Canteen! Where it’s open Rain or shine at 5:30 pm daily! Perfect for all ages. (:

5. Billy Bob’s Texas
Located at the Fort Worth Stockyards, you will find live bull riding at Billy Bob’s! If you are looking to get your Boot Scoot and Boogie on, Billy Bobs is the right place to be! You will get to feel alive when you are on the dance floor at the worlds largest Honky Tonk!  

So many more entertaining gems, but I hope you get the chance to enjoy these few places this Summer!!!

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