Four Inexpensive In-Office Team Building Exercises


February 2022

Take a moment to think about who you talk to at work and how your work relationship is with those who you speak to vs. those who you don’t speak to regularly. We took the hard work out of the equation for you by finding four games that are fun (and inexpensive) for your next team-building exercise! 

Don’t know much about your team?Let’s find out how you can change that!

1. Two Rooms and a Boom

This game is all about strategy and communication. There are two sides: the Blue Team and the Red Team. Both have different objectives, and everyone must find a way for their team to complete their goal. Through communication, planning, and a battle of (possible) deceit, this game will bring out the competitive side of your team!

2. Pictionary

Now hear me out this classic game can be easily overlooked. There are many ways to play this game and make it creative! You can opt to purchase the original, or use a word generator online! Modify it to be specific to your workplace, or modify the rules to where your team can only draw things related to their word. This game is great for non-verbal communication and allows your team to break barriers by openly sharing their ideas.

3. Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes

Phone or tablet required. One team member can see the bomb but has no idea how to diffuse it, and must rely on the other team members that have the manual to walk through each step on how to disarm it (and fast!) before the timer runs out!

  • Group Size: Multiple groups of 3-6
  • Link to Purchase: $10
  • Game Length: 5-30 minutes

Fun Fact: Our managers played this game during their team retreat, and available in our Escape Artist Packages! 

4. Board Game Roulette

A game of my invention, where you can find out more about your team while having fun! At each game “station,” there will be a classic board game of your choice and must divide your team into groups of 2. Before each turn a player takes, they must answer a question from their opponent. These questions can be pre-written or made up on the spot. (EX: If you could only choose one skill, which would it be, and why?) Set a timer for 5 minutes, and after 5-minute intervals, have everyone swap partners and continue the game! At the end of the exercise, talk about things you learned about each other. The goal is not to answer as many questions as possible, but to encourage team members to open up!

  • Group Size: Multiple Groups of 2
  • Price: Varies
  • Game Length: 30-60 minutes

If an in-office team-building activity doesn’t sound like your jam, find a Red Door near you for a more immersive hands-on team-building activity! We are about bringing people together, and what better way than escaping and still being able to incorporate all the essential skills to become a more effective team?`

Check out this article of why escape rooms are perfect for you and your team!

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