How To Perform Under Pressure


February 2022

Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter at school, preparing for a business presentation, or even playing an escape room with 10 minutes left on the clock—you’ve experienced the need to present your best work while under pressure. And sometimes you do, other times you don’t. But is there a formula to guarantee success, even with a ton of weight on your shoulders? 

Well you can breathe a sigh of relief, because the answer is yes! In an interview with Martin Turner, the sports psychologist revealed his best tips to make sure you won’t crack under pressure. It’s all about your mentality. “The Mental Game,” as Turner called it, is the headspace you get yourself into before entering your high-pressure situation. 

So while that iconic Queen bassline plays in your mind, remember these three tactics to get yourself mentally prepared while under pressure:

  1. Imagery
    Visualize success instead of failure. This may seem obvious, but we often find ourselves getting trapped in our own heads. By imagining the worst, we can inadvertently create the worst. Imagining success will help increase your confidence. Think positive!
  2. Self-Talk
    If the way you think affects your performance, then the way you talk to yourself will do the same. Instead of telling yourself something bad might happen, tell yourself something good could happen! Use motivational words and phrases to navigate your mind towards success.
  3. Pre-Performance Routines
    What helps you get into the zone? What helps calm your nerves? Some people listen to music, pray, meditate, read, or even exercise. A pre-performance routine will vary person to person, so find what works for you.

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