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February 2022

Most Challenging Escape Rooms in DFW

So you’ve mastered the art of escape now, huh? Think you’ve got exactly what it takes to show those game designers who’s boss? Wait… you’ve actually been marching around the city shouting at strangers that you’re the escape room master of Dallas? Uh…well… that’s weird. But think again! Unless you’ve escaped one of these three most challenging escape rooms in DFW, you’d better keep quiet and keep trying:

Here is our list of the 3 most challenging escape rooms in DFW (in no particular order):

The Escape Game

Location: Grapevine, Texas (plus more outside of DFW)

Details: “We design and deliver amazing interactive experiences for every single guest! You and your team will enter a themed room where you have 60 minutes to search for clues, solve puzzles, and complete your mission in order to escape in time. Our adventures bring epic stories to life in a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. Your experience will be challenging, fun, even funny! Your team will be talking about your most iconic moments for years to come.”

The Perfect Escape

Location: Arlington, Texas

Details: “The Perfect Escape room strives to provide a state of the art premium experience to raise the bar in this growing social past time. We are confident your time here will stand out from the majority of other experiences available in the DFW area as we are huge escape room enthusiasts ourselves. We believe having multiple rooms for each of our adventures allows us to be more creative. High-end quality decor, and a blend of different puzzles and clues instead of the typical combination lock and key puzzles will provide a memorable escape room experience!”

Red Door Escape Room

Location(s): Southlake, Plano, and Fort Worth, Texas

Details: “Red Door Escape Room is a fully immersive entertainment experience. Perfect for family, friends, corporate groups, and sports teams, we are on the cutting edge of the escape room entertainment industry. Groups are locked in a room full of cryptic puzzles and hidden clues and have exactly 60 minutes to solve the clues and escape the room. We offer a large variety of episodes with varying levels of difficulty to give our customers the best experience possible. Collaborate with your group or compete with other teams during your escape. We’re leaders in the industry and we’re experts at the art of escape.”

If you’re an escape room junkie, give these rooms a try and find out for yourself which one is the most difficult! Good luck!

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