Escape Room Once Upon A Time Storyline


February 2022

Let’s be real; no escape room is complete without transporting you to a magical kingdom.🏰 

Get ready to step inside the enchanted forest where mystical fairy creatures come to life! What was once just ink on a page, is now at the tips of your fingers to explore and adventure in. 

What adventure awaits you ask? Rumplestiltskin is up to no good and has plans to ignite a deadly spell across all of the land! You and your team will need to break into his castle, find three stolen artifacts, and escape out of his dungeon to save the magical kingdom! 

So what are you waiting for, the kingdom needs your help! Stop the up-to-no-good Rumpel before it’s too late! Get ready to perform some magical spells and get lost in a different dimension as you walk through Rumpel’s castle.🧙‍♂️

This adventurous episode is designed for two to six participants and is a perfect activity for all ages – it’s an absolute family favorite! We are counting on you to save the land – good luck! 

Pick up your sword 🗡and pack your fairy dust because you and your team are in for a ride on this magical adventure!

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