Personality Types: What’s Your Flavor?


February 2022

Our Red Door team is constant and enthusiastic in its efforts in developing a culture of teamwork. And our escape rooms do just that—they’re a fun and engaging way to encourage teaming! But it doesn’t start there, and it certainly won’t end there. We start with our core—our team—and make sure we’re walking the walk.

So we teamed up with The Predictive Index to learn more about how a fusion of different personality types can better work together. Our team members each took a quick behavior assessment and eagerly awaited our results. If you missed last week’s blog post about personality types, the different behavior drivers that factor into your assessment are (A) Dominance, (B) Extraversion, (C) Patience, and (D) Formality.

The PI’s assessment was different from any other personality test I’ve taken, synthesizing my personality type based on how I perceive myself and how I believe others perceive me. Here’s a little peek into my psyche:

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 8.30.45 PM.png

The letters on pattern charts refer to the behavior drivers we talked about before (which are better explained by the PI themselves), but the written assessment is what really convinced me that everything was spot on. 

Extraversion? Bingo. It wasn’t even a question for me; I’ve never considered myself particularly outgoing except when required. Dominance? Check. I’m adaptable. Formality? Right on target. I anticipated that I would have higher drives in formality. I’m a “selective perfectionist” (a term I invented for myself), which is to say that I can be overly particular about certain things but not everything. I like structure and organization. Color coordination makes me giddy. Patience? Whoa. I was surprised to see my patience was at a higher level than I’d expected. I don’t usually consider myself a patient person when it comes to everyday life. When I’m required to be patient at work or school, it’s no problem. But I don’t like to be kept waiting most of the time. Curious, I dug deeper into my assessment and learned that my patience goes hand in hand with my formality. I work with a steady and even pace, and I’m patient to double and triple check my work due to my tendencies towards formality. Ah, so that’s how I work!

My fellow team members now have access to my results and can get to know how I work too! They even have tips on how to work with me based on my behaviors. And I also can see how to work with them based on their assessments. Try out the Predictive Index today!

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