Social Distancing Doesn’t Mean Isolation


February 2022

As city ordinance requires us to cut down on our social activities to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, we encourage you to go a lever deeper with those that you live and interact with the most. The #1 predictor of happiness in life is the quality of your relationships, not the quantity. We live in a culture that is all about the quantity of relationships (i.e., Facebook friends, ratings, and followers), but oftentimes, quality gets overlooked. 

At Red Door, we’re on a mission to bring authentic connection into our relationships. Here are three ways to make that happen, even amidst the shelter-in-place: 

  1. Use more “3D” communication. We use the term “3D” to describe communication that has the third dimension of depth or feeling. Video and phone calls are considered 3D; emails, texts, and other written communication are considered 2D. As Juliet Funt, founder of Whitespace at Work, asserts, “We get in trouble when we try to fit 3D communication into 2D mediums.” Now more than ever, we need to be able to keep a pulse on the feelings of those in our social circles. Whether it’s a colleague, family member, or friend, what once was a text might become a call, what once was a call might now become facetime. The more depth in the medium, the more we can give and receive feelings and expressions that are essential for happiness. 
  2. Ask better questions. It’s easy to slip into a mundane routine with your team, but when was the last time you truly intended to get to know them on a deeper level? There’s a good chance you are spending more time with your housemates while sheltering in place. No better time than when you’re on lockdown! Asking simple, deep questions can go a long way. Ask them how they are doing holistically – mind, body, and spirit? Ask them to share joys from the day or one thing that they are looking forward to. Ask them how working from home has been and share any tips you may have. Make it a practice to put phones away while eating meals. You’ll be surprised how far a simple question can go!
  3. Plan virtual hangouts. In a time of uncertainty, it’s essential to have things to look forward to in the age of free group video – Google HangoutsZoom, and FaceTime – that is now easier than ever. It takes a bit of work to organize, but don’t forget; we’re all in this together, and social distancing doesn’t mean you are alone. Your high school friends or your college teammates would love to jump on a virtual hangout; they just need someone willing to take the initiative!  

For more on connecting with people and preventing loneliness, we recommend this article from the Washington Post

Thanks for being a part of our mission. We hope to see you soon! 

“FaceTime has been the way to check up on my family, team, and friends.” – Sabra (Design Team)

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