Start With The Why In Everything You Do


February 2022

When you were a kid, what was the one thing you were constantly asking? Okay, besides “can I have more candy?” 

If you were anything like the children I know today, you were probably always asking “Why?” And it’s a great question! Why, you ask? It’s the question of an inquisitive and critical thinker. It’s the question of someone who wants to understand. Asking THE WHY, as I’ll be calling it, will steer you in the direction that leads to greater knowledge.

So what does starting with THE WHY mean? To keep it short and sweet, starting with THE WHY simply means to consider your purpose before you do something. Whether that something is as simple as starting a workout routine or diet, to even something as big as opening a new location for your business (like we’re excited about doing here at Red Door): always begin by thinking about your purpose, and let that drive you. Let’s take the workout as our example. If you’re going to start running every morning, ask yourself Why? Do you want to lose weight? Are you training for a marathon? The answer to THE WHY will serve as your motivator and your reward. Your purpose will engage the hunger you need to earn your success.

You may have a car and a destination, but without gas you couldn’t drive it. THE WHY, your purpose, is the fuel that will empower you to reach your goal. 

So what’s the plan? Which target are you aiming for? What are you doing next?


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