Staying Connected While Working From Home


February 2022

As the world faces an unprecedented health emergency (COVID-19), many of us are now working from home. With this comes a whole new way of learning how to work effectively and efficiently while continuing to maintain an influential work culture. As your team migrates to a remote office, what are you going to do to make sure you keep them connected, keep communication strong, and keep your company culture alive? 

We have created a list of four tips Red Door uses to stay connected!

  • Create a routine and stick to it. It is essential to prioritize your weekly tasks to make sure your goals are achieved. At Red Door, we have a 1:1 weekly planning document that is used for prioritizing tasks, assigning due dates, and used to set goals. We saved you some time and found a weekly printable planner to help you stay organized!
  • The most important part of any job is communication. From checking in on each other to asking those small questions that you would typically ask across the room or giving a quick call – it can all go a long way. Adding a personal touch will help keep that connection and company culture alive. 
  • We use Google Hangouts for meetings to help us interact with our team that we no longer see regularly. During this shelter-in-place, definitely something worth trying for a face-to-face interaction!
  • Behind every great company is a set of core values that you will need to uphold your culture. Be authentic in your efforts, and keep in touch with your whole team. Here at Red Door, our escape rooms may be on pause, but our people’s connection is still thriving. We continue to stay connected and productive by checking in on each other, hosting fun internal challenges, and hopping on FaceTime calls because we all need a face-to-face conversation and share a smile!

We hope these four tips are helpful to you and your team. Now more than ever, we should all learn to work closer, keep the communication flowing, and stay focused. What are you going to do to come out of this stronger than before? For more details on different ways to stay connected, check out our Social Distancing Doesn’t Mean Isolation blog!

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