The Best Unknown Board Games for Your Family


February 2022

For some people, no sports, no commute, and “work from home” equals Netflix… all day. For us (and hopefully for you), it means time to do something new with the people you love! 

Learning new board games, especially challenging games, may seem like a risk, but trust us – these games are well worth your time. Just because they are under-the-radar, doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome; these games will definitely take the excitement in your family to the next level! 

We even linked the top videos explaining these board games so that you can watch a quick tutorial, rather than reading pages of instructions. 

(We got you!🙌)

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for family feuds resulting from these games. 

  1. COUP

This simple and affordable game of deception is sure to have your family hooked for hours! Coup takes the classic card game of “B.S.” and adds characters with offensive and defensive powers. The object of the game is to be the last one standing! Pro tip: don’t let your guard down – just when you think you are comfortable, the tides inevitably turn. Coup is great for groups of 3-6 who love relational games but who aren’t scared of deception and back-stabbing. (There is an extension pack available for groups up to 10).  


At first glance, this game may seem obscure and niche, but if you give it a chance, you won’t regret it. King of Tokyo takes ‘king of the hill’ and mixes in the perfect amount of strategy and teamwork. You can’t succeed without allies, but in the end, only one will be crowned king. Perfect for 2-5 players, we highly recommend King of Tokyo to groups who enjoy predominantly strategy-based games. 


Don’t let the name scare you away; this is one of the best large-group games we have ever played (5-10 players). It will take 10 minutes to explain, but once your group starts, you won’t be able to stop. Secret Hitler brings strategy and teamwork to the classic heads-up-heads-down game of assassin. (Called by different names, assassin is where one person narrates for the group, one person is the assassin and kills one person per turn). We love this game because it is team-based and highly collaborative. As a liberal, your goal is to stop the fascists from gaining power or enacting fascist policies; as a fascist, your goal is to blend in with the liberals and sneak a last-minute victory. You thought you could trust mom…. Think again! 

Binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix sounds very tempting, however, we hope you use this time to spend time together with family and friends. Let us know on social if you enjoyed these unknown board games with family or friends!

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