Escape Room Time Machine Storyline


February 2022

Let’s get this bread!!

Time Machine takes the cake as our most difficult episode yet, not because of the puzzles, but because of the communication required to escape. If you thought Taken was hard, Time Machine splits your group into four rooms to start… four times the communication required. We don’t recommend trying this episode with strangers. 

However, with every good challenge comes the thrill and excitement when you complete each challenge! In this quirky story-line, your uncle told you specifically not to touch his time machine… but how could you not take it for a spin!? Now you and your friends are stuck in different eras and need to find your way back before the time machine’s battery drains! And what better to run a top-of-the-line time machine? Toast, of course!

Those strong communication skills will come in handy as you work to find your way back to the present. Each of these eras is uniquely designed for a certain set of skills – detective skills, out of the box thinking, communication and dexterity.  

I recently played and sadly #wealmostescaped, but this is definitely one episode that you’ll want to try a second time. (And if you’re a Red Key holder,  you can take advantage of that free weekday perk! Find out how to become a Red Key holder here). This is a collaborative episode designed for four to seven participants located at the Montgomery Plaza in Fort Worth and OKC Chisholm Creek in Tract 30!

So gather your favorite group and groove on over to Time Machine. Bring your A-game or else you’ll be toast! 

If you need tips to escape, check out The Art of Escape.

Answer: The scientist is able to take flights to different time zones.

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