Choosing Your First Escape Room


January 2023

Hang on a second– did we hear that you’ve never done an escape room before? How exciting! If the idea of choosing your very first escape seems confusing or daunting, don’t worry: we’re here to help! We have a variety of fully-immersive experiences for you to select from, so no matter what you’re looking for, we’ll have something exciting for you. We just have a few quick questions:

What Vibe Are You Looking For?

Some people love horror, some people love mystery, and some people just wanna have fun! We’ll pick up whatever you put down in terms of the atmosphere: if you want a spine-tingling experience that will have you nervously glancing around every puzzling corner, why not try Confinement, where you’re trapped in a young girl’s nightmare? Or maybe solving a cold case murder mystery is more your style: in which case, Last Stop may be right up your alley. Want some rootin’ tootin’ adventure? Save some townsfolk in our Wild West escape! Pick a genre and the sky’s the limit!

What’s Your Age Range?

Who says kids and adults can’t find the same things fun? If you’ve got a younger crowd, why not amaze and mystify them with experiences like Once Upon a Time, Captain Maniacal’s Lair-Bratorium, or Fair Game? If you’re running with a more adult crowd, you’ll still love those too, BUT we also have Prison Break, Warrior’s Way and more. Just tell us who’s playing and we’ll point you in the right direction!

What’s Your Event?

Planning an athletic or company team-building retreat? Why not work together with your work family or teammates by breaking into a together? A birthday party? Well, who doesn’t love to go to a magical fair on their birthday?! Or maybe a family reunion? Take Aunt Linda and Grampa Joe on a casino heist with Cash Me If You Can! Whatever your occasion, we promise to bring the fun.

And we’re done- it’s really that easy! Just remember: whichever room you pick, you’re sure to have an experience you’ll never forget.

See you soon, adventurers!

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