Enter our escape rooms…if you dare!


October 2022

Halloween is here— why not shake things up and try something spooky and new?

Our escape rooms are the perfect antidote to traditional Halloween plans! Why be trapped at a house party when you could be trapped in a fully-immersive experience you’ll never forget?

After all, what better way to get your thrills and chills on than putting together your best group costume and braving the creepiest escape experiences this side of Fear Street?

Looking for an exciting experience to make that double date even more tension-filled (but, like, in a totally romantic way)? Try Confinement, where you’ll be trapped inside Ruby’s dreams as the lines between reality and nightmare grow thinner by the second; or Prison Break, where you and your date have to brave the inside of a cell and break free from the clutches of a sinister organization?

Or maybe you’re hoping for a more fun, family experience with puzzles to delight your little ghosts, witches, and ghouls? Look no further than Once Upon a Time, where you’ll explore a magical forest to find the pieces of a key to thwart an evil mastermind’s plans!

Sure, you may be too old to trick or treat, but you’re NEVER too old to solve our mind-bending puzzles as the clock slowly winds down toward your doom (uh, we mean your escape…)! And whatever your spook tolerance level, we have puzzles and games to make starting this new Halloween tradition the best decision you’ll make this year (just don’t split up or investigate any strange noises on your own on your way here: that’s just bad horror movie etiquette).

Michael Myers? Freddie Krueger? Jason? They’ve got nothing on our expert escape teams, who are eager for the chance to lead you through 60 minutes of pure, exhilarating adventure.

So book your Halloween escape now— we promise this is one time that you’ll actually want to say “I’ll be right back!” the second you get free!

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