February 2022

“We believe that our greatest strength is our ability to learn quickly. We learn by doing – eagerly tackling new challenges by taking the first step.”

At Red Door, we believe in constantly bettering ourselves as a business and as individuals. Whether it be patiently letting customers struggle to solve clues or figuring out a new way to lock a sliding dojo door, most of what we do we have to learn ourselves and thus, we value growth so highly.

Escape Episode - Wild West - Red Door Escape Room

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing—so we encourage our teammates to make mistakes with the right intentions. We encourage everyone to better the guest experience, better the team, better yourself—it is better to take action than to wait or watch. Being in a cutting-edge industry with high aspirations, we know that our growth mindset is one of our most valuable assets, an asset that will allow us to succeed in any industry that we choose to participate. That is why we question assumptions, we ask for constant feedback and we push ourselves to think differently because we do not allow pride to lull us into comfort. We believe that every bad experience and every “failure” can be turned into an even greater success.

While we deeply value growth within our company, we also strive to push growth beyond our own walls. An escape room, as we’ve discussed before, has plenty of benefits for its players—mentally, creatively, interpersonally, and more. We want each person who comes in to play an episode to leave feeling like they’ve faced a challenge head-on, celebrating both their losses (“fail up”) and their wins. Our escape rooms encourage critical and creative thinking, test problem-solving strategies, and help people learn to be present in the moment—ultimately emboldening them to build deeper relationships with others. In fact, we value growth so much that it’s one of our major blog categories! Every single thing that we do is an active and zealous effort to inspire growth in all people.

At times, we are so growth-minded that we need to remind ourselves to stop a second to celebrate the wins, thus we balance growth with gratitude. We are blessed with many talents and we believe that we are put on this earth to grow our talents, not to bury them in the sand (Matthew 25:14-30).

If your interested in your own growth or maybe some team growth; check out our escape rooms! They are a surefire way to grow in mental skills as well as leadership and teamwork skills. It also doesn’t matter if you have a small group or a large group. We can accommodate almost any size. Check out your nearest location here.

Resources: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck & “The Kevin Rose Show

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