The 5 Best Escape Rooms in Dallas-Fort Worth This Holiday Season

Escape Rooms

December 2023

Deck the escape room halls! We all know the holiday season is about friends, family, and creating cherished memories. Why not gather the crew and try out one of the many incredible escape rooms Dallas-Fort Worth has to offer? Overwhelmed by choice? Don’t worry! We’ve handpicked our favorites for mind-bending puzzles, family-friendly fun, and holiday excitement.


#1: Red Door Escape Room


Looking for a festive, holiday-themed escape? Two of our most popular episodes got a seasonal refresh! Use your wits and stealth to complete a heist in The Gift, or venture into the mysterious fairgrounds in Fair Game, where everything is not as it seems! On the other hand, if you’re solely looking for the ultimate escape room challenge, gather your friends and try to escape prison before time runs out in Prison Break!


#2: Sherlock’s Escape Rooms


If you’re looking for an escape game just for kids, The Jungle Jr. is perfect. They’ll work together to save the magical Tree of Life before the sun sets! And why not check out The Shipwreck while the kids are having their own fun? Board a pirate shipwreck and steal the treasure before the pirates’ ghosts return!


#3: Escape The Room


The holidays might be stressful, but hopefully, nothing melts down! We can’t say the same for Meltdown, where you and your friends will race against time to stop a nuclear explosion in a power plant from blowing up a city. Or if it’s underwater pressure you’re looking for, try The Submarine, where you have to outwit your insane captain and surface before the air runs out…


#4: Celebration Escape Rooms


If you want something to get your adrenaline pumping, try the sinister mystery of Diner 79. People have been poisoned and it’s up to you to solve the mystery before time runs out! Another heart-racing game offered is The Laser Project. Travel back in time to the Cold War as a CIA agent to decipher whether a new LASER will help progress peace or change the course of history as we know it!


#5: EscapeXperience Escape Room 


We all get our thrills in different ways. Some play video games, others enjoy plotting to steal royal jewels, like in Royal Heist! Or, have you ever dreamed of producing a box-office smash? In Stage Call, you’ll get the chance, just as soon as you find the lead actress who’s gone missing without a trace! Whatever game you choose, you’re sure to have a great time! 


With over a million online rave reviews shouting out our incredible escapes and family-friendly excitement, Red Door Escape Room is the gold standard in interactive, immersive fun for any occasion! 

From all of us, we wish you happy holidays and happy escaping! 

See you soon!

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