Top 3 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

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December 2023

You’ve made it through the holidays, but the celebration isn’t over just yet! 2024 is right around the corner and it’s time to live it up! Grab some party hats, stock up on your favorite snacks, and start making some exciting NYE plans now! Whether you’re making plans for a company party, looking for family-friendly fun, date night plans, or something for you and your favorite people, we’ve got you covered! Read on for a quick countdown of 3 ideas to help you decide how to ring in the new year!  


#3: Throwing a house party! 


Not only is hosting a party a great excuse to decorate your home, but you’re also guaranteed to have food, drinks, and activities you like! Plus, you’ll get to party the night away with people you know! You can order-in and have a movie marathon, or sit around the dining room table with a delectable dinner and make it an elegant night to remember! Depending on the style of your party, you can dress up in your finest New Year’s outfits or your favorite pajamas without worrying about a strict dress code! Either way, YOU get to decide!


#2: New Year’s Eve in a restaurant: Good food with good people! 


Food is something that often brings people together, especially when it’s delicious! Meeting up with friends and/or family at one of your favorite places to dine is surely something to look forward to! If you’re looking to get dressed up and enjoy a fancy evening out, a lavish dinner will do nicely! Plus, dining out means not having to clean up after! You get together, enjoy a nice meal, and then you get to go home! Just make sure that you make your reservations in advance! The last thing anyone wants to do on New Year’s Eve is to wait for a table when the countdown begins! 


#1: Escape the norm and visit an Escape Room! 


Starting a new end-of-year tradition is DEFINITELY a good time! At Red Door Escape Room, we offer exciting, mind-bending puzzles that range from spooky mysteries to magical kingdoms and everything in between! Solving the riddles and experiencing the fully-immersive excitement that has made us the top-rated escape destination in cities across the country is REALLY fun. Plus, ending the year with a heart-pounding success is a great way to close out 2023 on a high note (especially since we’re open New Year’s Eve AND New Year’s Day)!


Whatever you decide to do, and whoever you spend it with, we wish you good health, happiness, and heaps of escape fun in the year to come! 

Happy New Year!!! 🥳 

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