Top 5 Reasons You’ll Love A Private Escape Room

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March 2024

One of the main questions most have when booking an escape room is: will we have to play with people we don’t know? At Red Door Escape Room, we believe that providing private escape room experiences every time you play is the best way to help you get the most out of your adventure. Here’s why! 

1: You Pick Your Team:  It’s easy to have fun when you know who you’re playing with. Have friends who are great at puzzles? Know someone who is excellent at creating a game plan? You’ll get to build your team to help cover any challenges you may struggle with. Not only will you have a better chance of escaping, but you’ll also have more fun doing it! 


2: Communication Is Easier: Understanding each other while racing against the clock is the key to solving our thrilling puzzles. As you probably know, it’s easier to be in sync with your team when you haven’t just met 5 minutes before playing! When you already know how to work together, completing challenges will be a lot easier. 

3: You’re Free To Simply Be You: A private escape room with people who already know you means you can be as silly or as serious as your friends and/or family allow you to be! There’s no need to be reserved or minimize your personality; you can let loose and fully be yourself and truly enjoy your time together. Plus, it makes your accomplishments and celebrations that much more exciting!

4: Your Level of Experience Doesn’t Matter: A private escape room isn’t like playing Call of Duty or Halo where previous experience determines your value as a teammate. If your friends are escape room experts, they’ll be ready to give you the deets on the best strategy. If this is everyone’s first time playing, you’ll be able to figure things out together! Either way, it’ll be a great time!

5: Deepen Your Connections: What better way to really get to know your friends and family than to play a private escape room and experience heart-pounding excitement together? Whether you 

escape in time or not, you’ll emerge as a team with a greater appreciation for each other’s skills and talents. No matter who you choose to escape with, you’re sure to deepen your connection!

Public or private, casino heist or cold case, we can promise you one thing: you’re in for lots of fun with a ride home that will be full of laughter and long-lasting memories! See you soon!

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