Creating a Culture of Teamwork

At Red Door, we’ve observed that people often fall into roles when they play an escape room. The same happens in the workplace or in any group setting. The main roles that develop are usually innovator, counselor, and analyst. But when a group is filled with vastly different personality types, how do they work together […]

Teaming: A New Perspective

TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK! ‍ If I shout a cliché in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it hold any relevance? In this case the answer is yes.  Lou Holtz, former football player and head football coach of Notre Dame, once said, “Teamwork is the foundation of success. The […]

Corporate Christmas Party Activities That Will Bring Everyone Closer

If you’ve been following us for some time now, you know that Red Door’s mission is to deepen relationships through creative entertainment. We design and build our escape rooms to bring people together, whether the players are family, friends, coworkers, or even strangers—as Kat shared in her story with Kennedy last week. Sometimes, in a professional setting, it can feel […]

Four Inexpensive In-Office Team Building Exercises

Take a moment to think about who you talk to at work and how your work relationship is with those who you speak to vs. those who you don’t speak to regularly. We took the hard work out of the equation for you by finding four games that are fun (and inexpensive) for your next […]

Personality Types: What’s Your Flavor?

Our Red Door team is constant and enthusiastic in its efforts in developing a culture of teamwork. And our escape rooms do just that—they’re a fun and engaging way to encourage teaming! But it doesn’t start there, and it certainly won’t end there. We start with our core—our team—and make sure we’re walking the walk. So we […]

Escape Room Stereotypes: 3 Different Escape Room Players

We’re always interested in personality types and how they work together here at Red Door. That’s because whether you’re at work, school, or out for a good time you’re bound to run into different kinds of people. In an escape room, you’ll definitely notice different types of players too. These are three of the most common “stereotypes” you’ll be up […]

Our Mission

Can you believe I’m still hyped about Mission Impossible: Fallout even though I saw it weeks ago? Maybe it’s the awesome latex mask peel-offs that draw me to the movies (for me, this is definitely 60% the reason why I love these films) or it’s the edge-of-your-seat anticipation as you wait to see if this is truly […]

3 Great Ice Breaker Activities for Team Building at Work

If your team is just starting out or even if your group at work needs a little practice with TEAMING, look no further! We have 3 unique and exciting activities that will help you break the ice and develop your team’s communication, collaboration, and creativity: ‍ 1. ICE BREAKER BINGO  Duration: 10-20 minutes Group Size: 10-30 players Benefits: Promotes […]

Personality Types: How To Identify The Different Kinds

A culture of teamwork is vital to the success of your business. It’s especially important when you’re racing against the clock to beat an escape room! We’ve talked about some necessary traits that every team player needs to be successful – humility, hunger, and awareness – while working in a group of various personality types, but what exactly are […]

Teaming Games: 3 Team Building Activities

All work and no play? We say, “No way!” IN THE NAME OF FUN AND TEAMING, TRY OUT THESE ACTIVITIES WITH YOUR GROUP AT WORK, AT HOME, ANYWHERE! Whether for an office party, weekly meeting, or just because—a fun game could be just what the doctor ordered for an energized and solid team. Ice breaker activities […]

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